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Preparation Committee for the East Turkestan Independence Movement

Peace be upon you our dear brothers and sisters of the East Turkestan Diaspora,

The reality that the Chinese government’s 68 years of oppressive occupation in East Turkestan has culminated in inhumane massacres and outrageous methods of assimilation is no secret to any of our conscious brothers and sisters. Our people were never silent to this kind of invasion and oppression, neither in our homeland nor abroad. Without sacrificing their spirit, our patriotic heroes bravely came forward and became the nail hammered in the eye of the oppressor, inspiring lasting legends.


Lately, the Chinese government has increased and intensified its oppression and massacre to the degree that humans cannot imagine and cannot accept. They openly conduct genocide, and the numbers of victims are reaching world records. However, even though the hands of the Chinese are covered with the blood of our people, their attempts to stop the overseas activities of the Uyghur movement have not been successful.

Today, the people of East Turkestan are eagerly and increasingly demanding that something be done to change the existing reality to a more positive new future with more immediate and effective action. For this reason – to save our country from the bloody heel of the invaders, to release, liberate and free our dear oppressed people from the extremely cruel persecution they suffer, and to amplify the voice of the people, we take up the honorable hard work with new leadership, new apparatus, new spirit, and new plan with new steps to fulfil our responsibility and accomplish the goals.

As all our diaspora and expatriate brethren know the “East Turkestan Independence Movement" preparation meeting was held in Amsterdam, Holland, from March 17 to March 19, 2018, with the participation of many organizations, representatives and communities. After three days of meetings and debate, “The East Turkestan Independence Movement Preparation Committee" was founded. The committee completed its preparations in accordance with that decision and now there has come an opportunity for the people to contribute their voice to a democratic meeting.

Accordingly, the East Turkestan Independence Movement Preparation Committee will hold the first general meeting of the East Turkestan Independence Movement in Paris, France from September 28 to 30, 2018, with the purpose of exploring a final solution to the matter of the independence of East Turkestan.
The new political organization's charter and regulations will be examined, approved and passed; and free elections will be held to determine the new leadership. The new political organization will be announced publicly on October 1.Here, we would like to share some of the principles of our future organization with our people.In short, our organization's purpose and main principle is to take back the sacred homeland of East Turkestan from the hands of the Chinese invaders who used aggression and lethal force to unlawfully make East Turkestan their colony and to regain its total independence. It is our moral responsibility to make the sacrifices necessary to support our struggle and to struggle without wavering on the path to independence. Thus our one and only adversary is the Chinese government and its regime and policies in East Turkestan.
Our highest mission and objective is to stand against oppression with our life and property and restore our independence. In the struggle to realize this mission, we are open to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and to collaborate with any East Turkestan organization with a clear flag attitude and other bona fide groups. We recognize them as our brethren and friends.
The future to be built around this central political organization will add power and authority to East Turkestan communities and organizations to advance their cause in their common goals and dreams. We will demonstrate that this future is our intent and purpose.
We promise we will never waver on our stance against Chinese domination and the occupying Chinese government whose steps are coming close to their end. With real work and effort we will heal the suffering of our people, and our first step will be to abolish the inhuman and brutal concentration re-education camps and free those more than three million innocent souls suffering in them. We will demonstrate every perseverance that we can even if it costs our life.
The general meeting accepts representatives from every country. We are hoping to include our National Leader Miss Rabiye Kadir, the leaders (or qualified representatives) of the World Uyghur Congress, East Turkestan Education and Solidarity Association, East Turkestan government-in-exile, East Turkestan Islamic Scholar Unity and Uyghur Academy.
It is an evident truth that the oppression, killing, and massacre of our people will not cease for even one day until East Turkestan is liberated from Chinese occupation and freedom and independence is restored. We need our brethren from every field and domain in this struggle. We welcome their good faith advice, opinion and suggestions. In the way of Allah, for our country's freedom and independence, we hope to ally with brethren who have devoted hearts, potential, and are willing to struggle together, hand-in-hand.

God is with us!
With sincerity,
East Turkestan Indepence Movement Preparation Committee



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