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Rewards of up to 5 million yuan offered for terrorism tip-offs by remote area in China’s Xinjiang
A remote area in China’s Xinjiang is offering huge rewards to thwart terrorism, the latest authority in the region to give large cash incentives to help catch militants.Altay, which is close to Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia, is offering up to 5 mi...
15 Nisan 2017, 22:21
73 year old Ms Halchihan Hushur’s outcry against the religious oppression in East Turkistan
On the 3rd of March, 20017 in the Tom Ostang village of Yarkan County of East Turkistan, an old lady was forced to confess having extremist religious views in front of thousands of people organised  by the local government in a so called ‘confe...
13 Nisan 2017, 20:09
European Parliament resolution on the cases of the Larung Gar Tibetan Buddhist Academy and Ilham Tohti (2016/3026(RSP))
The European Parliament,–  having regard to its previous resolutions on Tibet, in particular those of 25 November 2010 on Tibet: plans to make Chinese the main language of instruction(1), of 27 October 2011 on Tibet, in particular self-imm...
19 Aralık 2016, 21:23
New Xinjiang Party Boss Boosts Surveillance, Police Patrols
Already strict security controls in northwestern China’s Xinjiang region have been tightened further following the August appointment of Chen Quanguo, former party boss in neighboring Tibet, as Communist Party secretary, sources say.Police patrols n...
16 Aralık 2016, 21:14
Popular Chinese Muslim website shutters after Xi Jinping petition
Beijing (AFP) - One of China's most popular online communities for Muslims has been shuttered after posting a petition asking Chinese President Xi Jinping to stop his "brutal suppression" of activists, the letter's authors told AFP Wednesday.Since 2...
15 Aralık 2016, 19:41
Xi Jinping attacks 'conspiracies' and 'lust for power' of China's enemies within
Chinese president Xi Jinping has attacked “conspiracies” in the ruling party, saying corruption and election fraud had undermined the country’s governance and that a tighter ideological grip on its leaders was needed.Xi Jinping’s strongly ...
06 Kasım 2016, 19:27
Uyghurs 'Fenced In' to Neighborhoods in China's Xinjiang Region
As China’s ethnic Uyghur Muslim minority group falls under increasing suspicion amid terrorism concerns in the country’s northwest, authorities are fencing off entire neighborhoods in Xinjiang to conduct security checks, Uyghur sources say.Construct...
20 Ağustos 2016, 20:05
Criminal Gangs Selling Fake Kyrgyz Passports to China's Uyghurs
In May, 98 Uyghurs from China’s Xinjiang were arrested at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport carrying Kyrgyz passports. The group was attempting to make a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. They had reportedly left on their Chinese passports from Urumqi. According...
18 Ağustos 2016, 22:17
China Uses Thousands of Chinese Teachers to Combat Uighur ‘Separatism’
Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region authorities will dispatch a total of 2,939 Uighur-speaking Chinese teachers to schools across inland China as part of a two-year “aid program” designed to provide “anti-separatism” education and promote unity among ...
17 Ağustos 2016, 20:59
China’s Muslims under threat of religious persecution
China’s president Xi Jinping, who has been accused of implementing draconian laws against religion since taking office in 2012, today spoke directly to Chinese Muslims – signifying a possible crackdown on a group that has so far avoided his harsh me...
27 Temmuz 2016, 19:49


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