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Repressive Policies toward Uyghurs Continue to Worsen
Authorities in Xinjiang have stepped up their efforts to suppress the Islamic identity of the region’s ethnic Uyghurs following the appointment of Chen Quanguo to the position of Party Secretary. UNPO looks at some of the la...
18 Temmuz 2017, 21:19
Speaking out: Uyghur students in hiding in Egypt share fears of execution
In-depth: Uyghur Muslims seeking refuge in Cairo are being forced to return to China, while others have gone into hiding, fearing persecution - or worse - upon deportationThe latest episode in China's international campaign against ethnic Uyghur Mus...
12 Temmuz 2017, 21:53
More Uyghurs Detained in Cairo as Students Appeal to Al-Azhar For Help
Egyptian authorities continued this week to round up and deport ethnic Uyghurs studying at Cairo’s Al-Azhar Islamic University, prompting some to appeal directly to the university’s senior imam for his help in preventing their forced return to China...
12 Temmuz 2017, 21:48
China Detains ‘More Than 100’ Uyghur Muslims Returning From Overseas Pilgrimage
Chinese authorities in the northwestern region of Xinjiang are holding hundreds of ethnic minority Uyghur Muslims after they returned from overseas pilgrimage, sources in the region told RFA.A rights lawyer in the region who asked not to be named sa...
09 Temmuz 2017, 21:17
Rebiya Kadeer: China Must Stop Pressuring Egypt Over Uyghur Students
Earlier this year, the Chinese government ordered Uyghurs students studying abroad to return to Eastern Turkistan. Chinese authorities have also targeted family members of Uyghur students studying abroad. That order apparently reached more than...
08 Temmuz 2017, 20:15
Urgent Action: Uighur Students At Risk Of Forcible Return To China (Egypt: UA 168.17)
According to media reports, around 150 Uighurs have been detained in Egypt and have either already been, or are currently at imminent risk of, being forcibly returned to China. If returned, they are at real risk of serious human rights vio...
08 Temmuz 2017, 20:11
Egypt rounding up Uyghur students for deportation
Egypt is arresting Uyghur students in preparation for deportation at the behest of the Chinese government, according to Human Rights Watch.Following an order in May for overseas Uyghur students to return to the Xinjiang province of China, unconfirme...
06 Temmuz 2017, 21:48
Uyghur Human Rights Activist Ilham Tohti Has Received Weimar 2017 Human Rights Prize
Uyghur scientist and human rights activist Ilham Tohti – former candidate for the Sakharov Prize – was awarded the Weimar Human Rights Prize by Weimar city council for his commitments to the rights of Uyghurs in the Xinjang autonomous regi...
04 Temmuz 2017, 22:31
China: Where are the Uyghurs disappeared after the July 5, 2009 unrest?
Eight years after unrest in Urumchi, families are still unsure of the fate of their loved onesIn the wake of unrest in Urumchi in 2009 reports of Uyghurs forcibly disappeared in security sweeps of the city’s neighborhoods emerged in media articles a...
04 Temmuz 2017, 22:23
China: Immediately And Unconditionally Release Political Prisoners
Following Liu Xiaobo’s release from prison on medical parole on account of his recent cancer diagnosis, the World Uyghur Congress calls on the Chinese government to take the immediate and necessary steps to release all political prisoners ...
29 Haziran 2017, 22:05


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