Important information about Uyghurs in China

The Uyghurs are a Muslim minority of Turkish origin, living in northwest China's Xinjiang province, which before it was annexed to China in 1949 was called East Turkistan.

06 Eylül 2017, 15:32

The Uyghurs are a Muslim minority of Turkish origin, living in northwest China's Xinjiang province, which before it was annexed to China in 1949 was called East Turkistan.

Who are the Uyghurs? What is their problem?

Is one of the Muslim minorities in the State of China, which suffers from the problem of religious persecution, especially after the events of September 11, they were described as terrorists and their support of al-Qaeda by the Chinese government, although there is no evidence to substantiate these allegations.

The Uyghurs face persecution and many threats in what China has described as a campaign against extremism by banning Uyghurs from practicing their cultural, commercial and religious activities, as well as preventing them from practicing their religion and worship, such as fasting and praying, in a very cruel manner.

In 2012, the Uyghur leader, Rabia Kadeer, called on the Chinese government to stop violent practices and continued persecution and to reach satisfactory solutions for all parties that take into account the interests of the Uyghurs.

In 2014, The Economist published a statement explaining the extent to which the Muslim minority was persecuted by the Chinese government, describing it as an improper practice that calls for entering the stage of ethnic conflict that incites the Uyghurs to violence against their state. "China is making new Chechnya from Uyghur Muslims.

In 2015, a French journalist monitored Chinese practices against the Uyghurs, which she described as persecution and violence against the Muslim minority. The Chinese authorities sought to withdraw her article from French newspapers and were threatened with death.

In 2017, the Chinese government demanded the Egyptian authorities to deport the Uyghur Chinese students to China again, in a new practice to pressure them.

Where is Xinjiang province?

The province of Xinjiang or East Turkistan, northwest China, lies on the borders of Central Asia and the borders of Afghanistan. It is an oil-rich province that was annexed to China in 1949 and renamed it Xinjiang in the sense of the new province.

  The population is divided into three sections of Uyghur, Han and other ethnicities. Han accounts for 40% of the population of the province, while the Uyghurs represent 45% of the population, which means that the Uyghur population exceeds Han in the region.

Religious siege and harassment

The Chinese authorities have practiced all forms of persecution and repression against this Muslim minority in order to control this region through imprisonment and religious and cultural persecution, which international newspapers and human rights organizations have described as persecution and violence,

- US forces arrested more than 20 Uyghurs after their invasion of Afghanistan and were held at Guantanamo Bay without charge.

– The practice of any Muslim religion, such as prayer and fasting, is forbidden and the arrest of any woman who fully covers her body is prohibited and the veil is banned altogether.

- A mass exodus by the Chinese authorities from Han to Xinjiang in an attempt to reduce the number of Uighurs (before the Chinese occupation of the province in 1949, Uighurs accounted for more than 97% and Han Chinese less than 3%

– Justifying the repressive actions of the Chinese authorities by claiming that they have received threats from the separatist Uighurs.

- The Chinese government has practiced all kinds of harassment against anyone who tries to expose this issue by publishing it.

- Sentenced to the prison of the most important figures of the Uyghurs and put pressure on them, so that most of them demanded to resort to abroad.

- Encourage the Egyptian authorities to deport the Uyghur Muslim students to China again and deprive them of education in the Egyptian religious universities.

Eman Samy
Source: Al-Mersal


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