Rewards of up to 5 million yuan offered for terrorism tip-offs by remote area in China’s Xinjiang

A remote area in China’s Xinjiang is offering huge rewards to thwart terrorism, the latest authority in the region to give large cash incentives to help catch militants.

73 year old Ms Halchihan Hushur’s outcry against the religious oppression in East Turkistan

“O Allah, save us from the oppression of the Chinese regime, Your religion is being humiliated, please help us!” She also called out and said: “Where are you O Mujahideen of East Turkistan,

Malaysia has handed over at least 11 Uyghur Turks to China

It is informed that At least 11 of 19 Uyghur Turks were delivered to China by Malaysian police, Who had been waiting the reply of United Nations Refugee High Government Inspector for their political s...

In Xinjiang, Poverty, Exclusion Greater Threat Than Islam

The Han are afraid of Uighers. They are afraid if we had guns, we would kill them,” he said, standing next to piles of smoldering garbage on plots of land where buildings have been demolished.

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